Enjoy the pleasant temperature of May!

Congratulations cake Love you mom Tree and WaterHappy May! Start of warm weather. Lots of activities before the school end and on to vacation mode. We have mother’s day, graduation and summer vacation. Indeed, start of a very busy time before summer officially kicks in.

Mother’s Day everybody get busy to make mommy happy for a day. Why not we make it everyday? Just asking. Anyway, I wish all the moms out there a very happy mother’s daily!

How about graduation? I see a lot of banners in subdivision entrances. Congratulatory banners, a very nice touch for the families of graduating students. A big sigh of relieved for parents. Graduation is a milestone for parents and students alike. It is a journey and a chapter in everyone’s life. For some high school students graduating, it is the bridge to college where fun and freedom awaits. New adventure and grown up like life, away from mom and dad. For graduating college students it is the start of adulthood (hopefully). A start of life in real the world. And for parents, another chapter. Having said that to all parents and graduating students congratulations!

Planning for summer vacation? Better book your vacation early. It can get costly. Yes, summer vacation could get expensive, remember supply and demand. Summer is when everybody plan‘s to go to the beach, mountain and resorts. So if vacation is part of your plan this summer make sure you book it a head of time.

Take advantage of this beautiful temperature and always drink plenty of water. Enjoy!

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April Spring Cleaning Ideas!

Pollen is almost gone. Good thing the rain is washing it away. Speaking of pollen, it’s time for spring cleaning again. Patio, front porch and the whole house. Lots of work, too many things to do not enough time.
Well, start with a list or plan. It is always best to have a list and plan for everything. Prioritize the chores from very important (do it now) to can wait until next week task. Next, gather all tools and materials necessary to complete the job. Be prepare to be tired and sweaty. After all you are going to work.

If Spring Cleaning is the goal, start with the priority area in the house. Like the kitchen or master bedroom. The kitchen is the core of the house, this is where everyone gathers. The master bedroom this is where you rest. Whichever one you choose, it does not matter. The important thing is you made a plan, list the chores and start the project.

Here are few tips to help you with the mundane task. Spring time is the time where you will see small cobweb in most corners. High dusting is first task in every room. Attach a damp cleaning towel in a long pole to reach high areas to remove the cobweb, dust in ceiling fans and dust bunnies on the walls. After all the high dusting, do the horizontal dusting/cleaning. Top of fridge, Counter tops, kitchen cabinets, breakfast table, window sills, and the rest of the kitchen. Last but not the least is the floors. Depending on the type of floors you have, it is best to clean the floors by sweeping or vacuuming first before mopping.

photo 2resid

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Ahhh, February already!

Ahhh, February already!

Hi there,

I hope all of you are having a great second month of the year. My family and I went to the zoo last Sunday. We had a great time. Got really lucky because the weather was perfect. It was a Sunday morning. Someone had told my husband that Sunday morning is the best time to visit the Zoo Atlanta. Indeed, it was.  We took our time strolling and seeing the beautiful zoo attractions. The animals are calm, my guess, because the weather was good and the crowd was less. They seem to be in a good mood showing off.

I invite you all to visit our great attraction here in Georgia, Zoo Atlanta. One of the best place to bond with family. It is open early and closes before dark.

 zoo_atlanta_180-13986 (1)


Short update on Rejoice Maids:

Happy to announce that our team member Angelica came back to work with us. She previously left to pursue a different path then decided to come back and grow with us. She will soon be training to be a field supervisor overseeing quality improvement. (Will update more and post her picture next month

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! We wish you all a Healthy and Prosperous New Year. Last year was a very exciting year for us. We have grown our client base and added a full team. We now have 5 team of 2 ladies. Our employees are working as hard as ever and trying very hard to provide an excellent job to our clients.

As the owner, I am very proud of our team. Last month was very busy, we had to work double to accommodate all the cleanings to our regular clients as well as cleaning for new or as needed customer. Our team members did a wonderful job!

This New Year, I look forward to another exciting days ahead of us. I hope to continue to serve our clients and community. In behalf of our employees, we thank our clients and our community for giving us the opportunity to serve.



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Rejoice Maids Summer Update

Lots of activities this summer. We are happy to share some of our community involvement: Rejoice Maids have committed to Must Ministries Summer Lunch Program, participated to our Towne Lake Rotary Club Goshen Valley Fund raising, started “Coupon for a Cause” and yours truly just finished volunteered for Habitat Application Committee.

We have committed to provide sack lunch for this summer to Must Ministries Summer Lunch Program that serve Canton and Town Lake. We are thankful to our employees for working hard and to our clients for giving us jobs. Because of your generosity we are able to share with our community the blessings that we received.

We have finished our volunteered responsibility to Habitat For Humanity. This year we are fortunate to have been given the chance to be included in the committee to help choose qualified future Habitat Home Owners. It was an honor to participate in this worthy cause.

In addition, we are happy to share that we are part of Towne Lake Rotary Club. Our club have raised more than $3,000 funds for the Goshen Valley Ranch. This is a private institution that provides homes, give love and nurture boys that are not cared for by their parents.

This year we also started Coupon for a Cause project, we collected coupons and used it to buy groceries and toiletries. We delivered our first batch to the Must Ministries Canton facilities.

All this is possible because of our hardworking employees, kind generous clients and the great leadership of our manager Maggie and office assistant Nicole. You are the core of Rejoice Maids.

I am extremely proud and grateful to be associated with you all!


Gemma Beylouny

Rejoice Maids/Owner

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Nicole Beylony








03 /2014

Diana Rojas




12/ 2013

Gemma Beylony


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Eluvia Rivera



Blanca Perez

blanca bday



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Rejoice Maids Mother’s Day Idea


Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Actually this coming Sunday May 11. For those of you who are still looking for gifts for your mother here’s some ideas:

If your mother like to garden gift cards from Pike Nursery, Home Depot or Lowe’s will be good. With gift cards from this places they can use it to buy flowers and plants. They can decide when they like to use it, so there is no rush.

Have a working mom? Well, you can give her a break from cleaning. Cleaning gift certificates will be a great gifts. This will give her time to relax over the weekend knowing that the house is cleaned. She can spend time with her family or just have a break from cleaning.

How about re-charge? Some moms prepare to go to the spa. Have a day off from daily chores. Whether, working moms or stay at-home moms. It does not make a difference. All moms needs a break. A day in the spa will re-charge and give her the energy boost that she deserved.

Too busy to prepare anything? It does not have to be extravagant. A simple breakfast in bed will do. A phone call if your mom is not around. An old fashion greeting card will do too.

Mother’s Day is fine to be celebrated any day of the year. There is no law that prohibits us from celebrating a day with our mother. If you miss the exact day, do it any day you and your mom is available. Keep in mind, any day you show gratitude to your mom, it will be appreciated.  Bottom line, do something even if the greetings is one day or one week late, do something!



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