Rejoice Maids Cleaning Tip Today: Taming the Dust!

So I noticed a lot estate sale and garage sale in some neighborhood started early, I guess because the weather is getting cooler. I know fall is still a month away but I can already feel the difference in the temperature. Fall brings crisp fresh. I’m loving it!

We did a lot of move-out/move-in cleaning in the month of July. This month we are expecting less. We have more returning clients that puts their regular house cleaning on hold for the summer. Now they are calling back to resume their regular maintenance cleaning. We are more than happy to serve!

Rejoice Maids Cleaning Tip Today: Taming the Dust!

We all know dust bunnies is everywhere? And dusting is one of those never ending task. No matter how many times we do it, we will always have to do it again. Well, here is a few tricks to make the chore a bit faster and easier.

Go to Walmart or Target or if you want to buy a lot with less money go to Sam’s or BJ’s. Those stores sells microfiber cleaning cloths. It is mostly located in the car cleaning isle. Use the microfiber cleaning cloths to dust, polish furniture and remove cob-web. Most of the time you do not need to use cleaning solution. A little water sprinkle to cloths will make the cleaning a lot easier. But always remember when dusting always begins at the top. You can also use the microfiber to remove cob-web. Simply take a broom wrap the microfiber cloth around it then tuck the corners. Use it for cleaning your

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Delivered 550 sack lunches :)


We did it! We delivered a total of 550 lunches to Must Ministries Summer Lunch Program. Next week the school starts the children will be back to school. Their lunch will be all taking care of by the school system. It is amazing how our community got involved in providing lunches for our children in the summer while the school is out. By working together many children benefited, this program by the Must Ministries is truly a worthy cause. I am humble, happy and proud. Humble because i used to benefit from an organization like this that help less fortunate children like me. I am happy and proud because now i am able to pay it forward. This is our 2nd year, i promise myself i will continue to participate in this worthy cause for as long as i can. Cherokee County specifically Woodstock and Canton is my  neighborhood. We clean houses in this community. We are given the opportunity to served. I will always be grateful.mmsummerlunchMust Ministry July

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Must Ministries Summer Lunch Program Update

We are now on the last 3 weeks of this summer. Today we delivered 50 sack lunches. So far in the last 7 weeks we have made and delivered 350 sack lunches. With 2 weeks left in the summer, we are almost in the finish line for this year. With God’s blessing we are committing our resources again next summer. I encourage everyone to do the same. This worthy cause is helping our children here in Cherokee County. Must Ministries will take any donation that will help our less fortunate neighbors. Thank you for reading, I wish you the best!


Must Ministry July

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New Location Update :)

It was a long 2 weeks here at Rejoice Maids new location. As of today we are still fixing and improving our new office. Lots of things to do. Our parking lot needs TLC, the building façade needs power wash and fresh new paint, yard needs landscaping, interior need paint throughout. We have to change our carpet, and floor tiles have to be re-wax.

Our interior walls is being cut open to give way for windows. I personally do not like being confined so we are cutting walls to open the space. We have plenty of task to do before we create our training room/school. My vision is to do our house cleaning training in-house. I like to show a full bedroom cleaning, kitchen, family room, office, and full bathroom cleaning for practice. We have enough space we can divide to make up for each room. My staff and I are looking forward to our maid service cleaning training and improvement.

Despite all this activities, we still continue with our weekly Summer Lunch Program with Must Ministries. We pack 50 sacks of sandwiches each week. It is now in the 5th weeks. Yes, lots of work and challenges but I am happy. These are all positive activities. Until next time!

new office 2 new office 3 office1

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Rejoice Maids moved to new location 2015

It’s been hot lately. Actually, we have had record hot temperature. A little reminder from your cleaning technicians, please leave the air-on. It is not comfortable for our cleaning technician to clean your home while the temperature is high.

Update on our move to new location. Yesterday we rented a truck from U-Haul. It took three trips to get all of our belongings from Bell Parkway to 9910 Highway 92 Woodstock GA 30188. We had 6 men and 5 women total working together to make the moved possible. And we did. We are now totally relocated.

Now the real big job begins! I did not realized we have had accumulated so many cleaning tools, vacuums and supplies. My staff and I will have to create a new system of inventories, and processes. Our house cleaning service uses plenty of cleaning solutions, we have to re-organize our set-up in our new office.

Having said that, we are indeed growing. This is our 4th and hopefully God willing our permanent home for a long time. As an owner I believe in never stop learning.  Our maid service business is improving daily. With that I am always looking for improvement in customer service and our actual job, cleaning. I will always be a student.

To all of our clients and community, thank you for letting us served you!


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Rejoice Maids Summer Upadate

Hello everybody. I hope you all are having a great summer. Many things have happened at Rejoice Maids. This year we are in our second year participating in Must Ministries Summer Lunch Program. We are contributing 50 lunch sacks per week for the whole summer. To all of our clients thank you for giving us jobs because of you we are able to participate in this worthy cause.

This coming 2 weeks is going to be exciting and busy. We are moving to our new location in Highway 92. Our new office will have more parking spaces with easy access to the interstate. It’s going to be a long process but with God’s grace it will be worth it.

The new office will give us the opportunity to start over again. New office, new employees and improve policies. We will continue to learn from our mistakes and do our best to continuously improve our service. Once again, It is our pleasure to clean your home.



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Enjoy the pleasant temperature of May!

Congratulations cake Love you mom Tree and WaterHappy May! Start of warm weather. Lots of activities before the school end and on to vacation mode. We have mother’s day, graduation and summer vacation. Indeed, start of a very busy time before summer officially kicks in.

Mother’s Day everybody get busy to make mommy happy for a day. Why not we make it everyday? Just asking. Anyway, I wish all the moms out there a very happy mother’s daily!

How about graduation? I see a lot of banners in subdivision entrances. Congratulatory banners, a very nice touch for the families of graduating students. A big sigh of relieved for parents. Graduation is a milestone for parents and students alike. It is a journey and a chapter in everyone’s life. For some high school students graduating, it is the bridge to college where fun and freedom awaits. New adventure and grown up like life, away from mom and dad. For graduating college students it is the start of adulthood (hopefully). A start of life in real the world. And for parents, another chapter. Having said that to all parents and graduating students congratulations!

Planning for summer vacation? Better book your vacation early. It can get costly. Yes, summer vacation could get expensive, remember supply and demand. Summer is when everybody plan‘s to go to the beach, mountain and resorts. So if vacation is part of your plan this summer make sure you book it a head of time.

Take advantage of this beautiful temperature and always drink plenty of water. Enjoy!

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April Spring Cleaning Ideas!

Pollen is almost gone. Good thing the rain is washing it away. Speaking of pollen, it’s time for spring cleaning again. Patio, front porch and the whole house. Lots of work, too many things to do not enough time.
Well, start with a list or plan. It is always best to have a list and plan for everything. Prioritize the chores from very important (do it now) to can wait until next week task. Next, gather all tools and materials necessary to complete the job. Be prepare to be tired and sweaty. After all you are going to work.

If Spring Cleaning is the goal, start with the priority area in the house. Like the kitchen or master bedroom. The kitchen is the core of the house, this is where everyone gathers. The master bedroom this is where you rest. Whichever one you choose, it does not matter. The important thing is you made a plan, list the chores and start the project.

Here are few tips to help you with the mundane task. Spring time is the time where you will see small cobweb in most corners. High dusting is first task in every room. Attach a damp cleaning towel in a long pole to reach high areas to remove the cobweb, dust in ceiling fans and dust bunnies on the walls. After all the high dusting, do the horizontal dusting/cleaning. Top of fridge, Counter tops, kitchen cabinets, breakfast table, window sills, and the rest of the kitchen. Last but not the least is the floors. Depending on the type of floors you have, it is best to clean the floors by sweeping or vacuuming first before mopping.

photo 2resid

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