5 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Home Cleaning Service

Home Cleaning ServicesWe realize that deciding to hire a home cleaning service can be a tough decision.  One of the many reasons that you are searching for a home cleaning service is that you are busy and do not have time for cleaning all of the time.  Even though you are already pressed for time, rushing through the decision process for finding a maids service is not a wise choice.  It’s important to know which questions to ask before deciding which cleaning service is the right fit for you.

Here are 5 questions everyone should ask before hiring a home cleaning service:

  •  Are you a licensed business? Are you bonded and insured?
    Make sure that your cleaning service is a legitimate business.  Another thing to look for is whether the cleaning service is insured as well.  It’s important to make sure that their employees are insured for your protection from accidents that might happen during cleaning in your home.  Ask for proof of insurance.  If the cleaning service cannot provide proof, then walk away.
  • What if something breaks during a home cleaning service?
    Another reason why asking about insurance first is to make sure that your property is taken care of just in case.  We treat your home as if it was our own.
  • Who will have access to my home?
    If you choose to give access to your home to a cleaning service while you are not there, be sure to ask the service about their security measures for keeping your keys safe.  Some clients have home security systems.  Learn the policy of the home cleaning service for keeping your home security system code safe as well.
  • Does the home cleaning service perform a background check for employees?
    A home cleaning service that takes your home and your family’s security seriously will be a business who performs background checks for their employees.  Be sure to ask about the business’s policy before hiring the cleaning service to come into your home.
  • Do you need to provide the cleaning supplies?
    Professional cleaning services should provide their own supplies with the option to use your own chemicals and supplies that you provide.  It’s important to have this option of using your own provided cleaning supplies if you are concerned about using certain chemicals in your home.

Be sure to ask any home cleaning service that you might hire these questions before signing anything or handing your keys over.

Have any other questions?  Feel free to contact us or leave a comment!

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Cleaning Pet Stains and Preventing Odors

Cats and dogs are wonderful animals to have around the home however, the mess and smells they leave are less than desired. While you can’t prevent accidents, you can take some preventative measures so when they do happen they don’t stink up your house.

If the pet odor is really strong, try leaving a bowl of white vinegar around the smell and letting the vinegar absorbs some of the smell overnight.

For cats, make sure you are changing their liter box regularly. While changing the liter box add a cup up baking soda to the box to absorb foul odors.

For dogs, make sure you you are bathing them on a bi-weekly basis. Some of the smell may just be from something your dog stepped in or something they ate from the garbage. If you do not have time to wash them at the time of smell, sprinkle baking soda on their fur and it will help temporarily stop it.

Your pets fur is a huge cause of mysterious smells around the house. As the pet wanders through the house they bring the lingering smells with them, not to mention they roll around on your carpet and furniture. So those kids may not  always be the ones to blame for those new carpet stains.

Try getting a baby gate for your house if the pet accidents become frequent. It is much easier to get rid of a hardwood accident stain than a carpet stain. Also, it may be helpful to hire a maid service to clean every couple of weeks just to ensure you are getting up the stains and smells all together.

Hope these tips help with those pesky stains and smells! Let us know if you have any good tips as well!

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Organizing Tips for Better House Cleaning in Woodstock, GA

Cleaning Dirty DishesWhen our maids service comes over for a house cleaning in your Woodstock, GA home, we want you to feel relaxed and not have to worry about last minute “tidying up” first.  Of course, we all have a little prep work before a house cleaning service comes by, but it does not need to be another task that eats away at your day.  We feel that when it comes to cleaning your home, a good defense is a good offense.  What I mean is that it is very important to start where the mess usually begins; a lack of organization.

Good organizational habits will help you in the future when Rejoice Maids comes by for a house cleaning.  Here are a few tips to help you start.

  • Clean the Junk Mail Mess:  First it fills your mailbox, then the pile makes its way to your kitchen to rest, cover, and clutter your kitchen table or counter top.  This is where it all begins.  When we start cluttering up this area, our valuable counterspace is eliminated which causes more of an organization disaster.  Eliminate this stress by decluttering your mailbox.
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Top 5 Best Cleaning Products For Your House

Before you get started on cleaning your house you will want to make sure  you have the best products available for you or your cleaning service to use. By doing a little research before hand you can ensure that you are using the best of the best products to make your house shine. For those of you who are short on extra time, here is a list of my Top 5 Best Cleaning Products For Your House.

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Kid Friendly Mess Clean-Up

Summertime means the kids are home from school and more than likely making a mess of the house. Here are some tips of how to get off some of the worst stains.

Chewing gum- Nothing is fun about having gum stuck in your hair. Why we aren’t really sure how it ever got there, it needs to get removed ASAP. The easiest way to do this is with smooth Peanut Butter. If the gum is stuck on your clothing or your shoe on the other hand, put the item in the freezer overnight before you start to chip away.

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Preparing For Your Labor Day Party

Labor Day is just around the corner and that means time to celebrate with a party. Of course before you can have any guest over you will want to make sure that you have tidied up your house. The best way to make sure that your house it fit for company is to hire a cleaning service. The ladies at Rejoice Maids Cleaning Services will make sure your house looks more than presentable for your holiday guests.

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