Rejoice for Christmas!

As Christmas approaches everyone at Rejoice Maids slowly feel the warm and happy feeling brought by the season. In the morning before we begin our daily routine I see happy faces and hear singing in the background. The joy of the holidays. This year we had two-part Christmas celebration. First, the day we call in Spanish “Dia para Ti.” In English “A day for You.” We went to the mall. Each co-workers was given $$ amount to buy present for herself only. Personal things like shoes or clothes. Just as I always emphasize to our co-workers the importance of valuing themselves. Not sounding selfish but I like them to have a day without taking care of anyone. A day just for them!

After shopping we went to La Parilla for dinner. The food was great and the mood was joyful especially after a couple of giant Mango Margarita.

Second celebration was this morning. We had donuts, empanadas, games, raffles and exchange gifts. Our co-workers was in the mood to join the games and fun activities. Sulmy our youngest co-worker provided the games. Our exchange gift was full of surprises as everyone try to guess who got who before the exchanged. We had a wonderful time. Although some of our co-workers were not able to join us we saved their gifts. They will have surprises when they return.

From all of us in Rejoice Maids, We wish you a Merry Christmas!

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Rejoice Maids Updates

Last month we did our turkey shopping for our annual turkey day. Every year each Rejoice Maids team members gets a turkey. This year we had Yoselin, Margarita, Sulmy and Cristina choose the turkeys for everybody. We met in McDonald for breakfast around 8:45. Our meeting was in McDonald because Cristina wanted us to see her daughter Odally who works in McDonald in Highway 92. Odally is a fulltime student, this is her first job. Like Cristina we are happy and proud of Odally.

After breakfast, we went to Never Alone to pick-up our delivery for this month. Never Alone is a non-profit organization that provides food to people in need in Cherokee. Every third Saturday of the month I am part of Towne Lake Rotary club that deliver to Colbert Square. Last month’s delivery was extra especial because some of our Rejoice Maids teams were present.  It was wonderful to see our teams in action volunteered their time to help. We delivered 39 boxes of food and fresh turkey to each resident.

Afterwards, we headed to the super market to buy 20 turkeys. Unfortunately, the store run out of the turkey we needed to complete our shopping. We were looking for specific sizes. For the most part we got all we needed. All was well!

We had a great time. I am thankful to our teams and all volunteers in the Never Alone project and off course our clients. I am fortunate to be part of this worthy organization.

Until next time. In behalf of Rejoice Maids thank you for giving us jobs!


Turkey shopping #2
Never Alone
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Monthly Rejoice Maids Updates

Our team leader member Elizabeth is back from her maternity leave. She took a leave of absent a couple of months before her baby was born. So far, Angelica is still out on maternity leave. We are looking forward to her return. We also hired two new team members of which will be introduce next month.

The busy season in the cleaning industry is fast approaching. After Halloween many unscheduled homes starts to come in. It is a challenge to accommodate some of the request but at the same time it is a blessing.

The challenge comes when the new cleaning does not fall in our area of service. We have to re-direct our teams from A to B to do the service which causes delays thus time.

The blessings comes when the new clean turns into regular service. Additional bonus is when the client is kind and understanding. We love to serve when the client we are serving are respectful and appreciative. Either way it is our profession. We serve to the best of our ability.

On the lighter side, this month’s Rejoice Fun Day was supposed to be in Stone Mountain. The plan changed. Many of our team members could not make the long drive. So we had to make a quick decision. We did Breakfast and Pedicure. We had 12 people show-up for breakfast in Cracker Barrel.

For the unplanned Pedicure we went to Luxury Nails in Woodstock. It was Cristina, Margarita, Patty, Legna and Yoselin that made it. It is a joy seeing these hardworking ladies bond. I am thankful that we are able to spend time with each other outside work.

It is a challenge to have everybody’s time meet in one direction. But each month we will try. The benefits of outside work getting together is wonderful to all team members. The camaraderie between the ladies is getting better each time.

Truly an amazing team, Rejoice Maids.




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Rejoice Fun Day!

Last month breakfast was at Golden Corral followed by pedicure in Towne Lake. This month’s breakfast was in I Hop restaurant in Highway 92. We had 12 ladies showed up including little Paulita, Miriam’s daughter. Mother and daughter did not come to Ellijay but we enjoyed our breakfast time with them.

In Ellijay, we did some fun un-expected activities. Our brave employees did the zip line! So much fun according to Lina and Myra. We picked apples and enjoyed the beautiful day. It’s only been a couple of months but I can see wonderful results already.

Our teams are learning the process of team work. By participating in fun activities and breaking bread. Furthermore, seeing each other outside work in relax environment gives them the opportunity to get to know each other more.

Team work requires trust from all individual involved. Here at Rejoice Maids we are working on improving our employee client relationship. Our main objective is to produce quality service. By having happy employees, we are positively looking forward to a better brighter employee client relationship.

Our job as maid service company is not only cleaning houses. It is more of giving back “time” to our clients.  As we all know, anything material can be replace but not time. Cleaning on the weekends or after work is not an option for some people. This is where we come in. We clean so that you can spend time with yourself and your love ones. As a result, by giving our employees responsibility to produce great service we can ensure our clients the money spend to hire us is well worth it.

This is just the beginning. As we continue to grow, we will also pursue improvement. We will work as teams and persevere to learn new ways on how we can better serve each other, our clients and the community.



Team Zip line
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Ideal Employee/Team Members

Always looking for the One. Not Superstar, Not Type-A. My ideal employee as far as description is concern is responsible and hard worker. I have my eyes set on these traits. Two very important characteristic vital to our success as team.

The job that we do requires team work. As teams, each time we go out to clean houses we make sure we are in-synch with our teammates. Our goal is to give our very best to the clients we serve. This is where being responsible and hard worker separate Rejoice Maids from the pack. It is our core. It is the cord that binds us all. A simple but crucial job requirement.

Responsible- we are big on this. There are plenty of other places to work for but if you choose to work with us at Rejoice Maids we expect you to be responsible. Our definition of responsible employee is simple; fulfill your obligation, produce the best job you can deliver and show-up. No ifs no buts. We are not asking for the moon simply do the commitment we agreed upon hiring.

Hard worker- is someone that see’s the job as opportunity to shine. To be proud of the job well done. Cleaning is a very hard physical labor. We work smart and efficient to maximize the full productivity in the houses that we clean. There are no short cuts. To properly clean the toilets, showers or floors, elbow grease is necessary to complete these tasks. Therefore, to produce great result hard work is essential.

We believe in shared responsibilities. Our teams work together to achieve the goals that we set for all of us. We have no Superstar or Type-A employees. What we have are responsible and hard worker individuals who will always do their best to make Rejoice Maids your neighborhood best cleaning service.



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Community Updates June 2017

Hello everyone! Summer begins next week, are you ready? We have many company updates and community involvement to share with you. First our teams are ready for the summer. This is the busy time for us for move-in and move-out cleanings as well as one time cleans. We have plenty of real estate agents recommending us to their clients. For that we are thankful.

As for our teams, we have added a new team in our fleet. We now have team number 6 with 3 maids working together. Our team leaders continue to grow as mentors to new team members. It is a joy to see them work together as teams. Having said that, our goal is to continue with our slow productive growth.


Last week our team members brought food and gifts for Angelica’s baby shower. It was fun and happy moments.  Angelica had to take maternity leave this month to get ready for her baby in early August. Luckily, we have Luisa step in. She started today on her new role. She will be taking care of Angelica’s job.

Our community service is in full swing. We have contributed time and food to the Must Ministries Summer Lunch Program. This is our 4th year with this organization. We are humbled and happy to be part of this worthy cause.

In addition to Must Ministries we are also involved with Habitat For Humanity. Another cause worthy organization. We have contributed our time and efforts to their Annual Women Build. Our contributions are the results of the hard work and dedication of our teams and the trust given to us by our clients. We are grateful. We praise God for all the blessings!


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Community Projects Update

Community Projects Update

Two weeks ago we started our participation with Must Ministries Summer Lunch program. This is our 3rd year participating in this worthy cause. Last year we delivered our sack lunches to Hillside Baptist Church in Town Lake, this year we have decided to deliver our contribution to New Life Church in Holly Springs. It was decided to bring our sack lunch to new location because the need is much higher in that side of town.

Last month we sent school supplies to the Philippines benefiting 60 children. It is our intention to do this project annually. From the beginning our goal was to contribute to our community and to the society. God has given us the opportunity to serve. We are grateful. As our cleaning company continues to grow we will try our best to share as much as we can and help as best as we can. Once again, all of our contributions was made possible because of God’s grace and the generosity of our clients and hard work of our employees. We are always thankful. Thank you!

smily group picMust Ministries Summer Lunch Program20160609_074934

Our school supplies recipients in the Philippines 2016. Miriam, Sonya and Glenda preparing our sack lunches!

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Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers Day!

Happy Mothers Day!Happy Mother’s Day to all mother’s out there. I wish you all the best day and best year! I hope you are not cleaning your house today or even this week. The week of mother’s day should be mother’s week not just one day. But regardless this is a special day. It is the only time of the year mothers are being recognized. We all know being a mother is never ending responsibility.

Mothers job requires twenty-four hours service. With occasional one week vacation to the beach or Disney or whatever the family fancy or can afford. But even during vacations mothers still works. The children and the husband still needs to be care for.

If you are a working mom. It is an additional work on top of your motherly duty. But no one is complaining. It is the responsibility we all openly embrace. This mother’s day let’s have a break from all the household task like cleaning, gardening and laundry. The chores are not going anywhere. I suggest spend a day in the spa. Have a family picnic. Bring take-out food, serve the spread using paper plates. Hire someone to clean your home.  Do anything that does not require work or produce stress. After all, it is only one day in the year we get spoiled. Enjoy a real day off!

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