Rejoice Maids Updates

Last month we did our turkey shopping for our annual turkey day. Every year each Rejoice Maids team members gets a turkey. This year we had Yoselin, Margarita, Sulmy and Cristina choose the turkeys for everybody. We met in McDonald for breakfast around 8:45. Our meeting was in McDonald because Cristina wanted us to see her daughter Odally who works in McDonald in Highway 92. Odally is a fulltime student, this is her first job. Like Cristina we are happy and proud of Odally.

After breakfast, we went to Never Alone to pick-up our delivery for this month. Never Alone is a non-profit organization that provides food to people in need in Cherokee. Every third Saturday of the month I am part of Towne Lake Rotary club that deliver to Colbert Square. Last month’s delivery was extra especial because some of our Rejoice Maids teams were present.  It was wonderful to see our teams in action volunteered their time to help. We delivered 39 boxes of food and fresh turkey to each resident.

Afterwards, we headed to the super market to buy 20 turkeys. Unfortunately, the store run out of the turkey we needed to complete our shopping. We were looking for specific sizes. For the most part we got all we needed. All was well!

We had a great time. I am thankful to our teams and all volunteers in the Never Alone project and off course our clients. I am fortunate to be part of this worthy organization.

Until next time. In behalf of Rejoice Maids thank you for giving us jobs!


Turkey shopping #2
Never Alone