Rejoice for Christmas!

As Christmas approaches everyone at Rejoice Maids slowly feel the warm and happy feeling brought by the season. In the morning before we begin our daily routine I see happy faces and hear singing in the background. The joy of the holidays. This year we had two-part Christmas celebration. First, the day we call in Spanish “Dia para Ti.” In English “A day for You.” We went to the mall. Each co-workers was given $$ amount to buy present for herself only. Personal things like shoes or clothes. Just as I always emphasize to our co-workers the importance of valuing themselves. Not sounding selfish but I like them to have a day without taking care of anyone. A day just for them!

After shopping we went to La Parilla for dinner. The food was great and the mood was joyful especially after a couple of giant Mango Margarita.

Second celebration was this morning. We had donuts, empanadas, games, raffles and exchange gifts. Our co-workers was in the mood to join the games and fun activities. Sulmy our youngest co-worker provided the games. Our exchange gift was full of surprises as everyone try to guess who got who before the exchanged. We had a wonderful time. Although some of our co-workers were not able to join us we saved their gifts. They will have surprises when they return.

From all of us in Rejoice Maids, We wish you a Merry Christmas!