Rejoice Fun Day!

Last month breakfast was at Golden Corral followed by pedicure in Towne Lake. This month’s breakfast was in I Hop restaurant in Highway 92. We had 12 ladies showed up including little Paulita, Miriam’s daughter. Mother and daughter did not come to Ellijay but we enjoyed our breakfast time with them.

In Ellijay, we did some fun un-expected activities. Our brave employees did the zip line! So much fun according to Lina and Myra. We picked apples and enjoyed the beautiful day. It’s only been a couple of months but I can see wonderful results already.

Our teams are learning the process of team work. By participating in fun activities and breaking bread. Furthermore, seeing each other outside work in relax environment gives them the opportunity to get to know each other more.

Team work requires trust from all individual involved. Here at Rejoice Maids we are working on improving our employee client relationship. Our main objective is to produce quality service. By having happy employees, we are positively looking forward to a better brighter employee client relationship.

Our job as maid service company is not only cleaning houses. It is more of giving back “time” to our clients.  As we all know, anything material can be replace but not time. Cleaning on the weekends or after work is not an option for some people. This is where we come in. We clean so that you can spend time with yourself and your love ones. As a result, by giving our employees responsibility to produce great service we can ensure our clients the money spend to hire us is well worth it.

This is just the beginning. As we continue to grow, we will also pursue improvement. We will work as teams and persevere to learn new ways on how we can better serve each other, our clients and the community.



Team Zip line