Ideal Employee/Team Members

Always looking for the One. Not Superstar, Not Type-A. My ideal employee as far as description is concern is responsible and hard worker. I have my eyes set on these traits. Two very important characteristic vital to our success as team.

The job that we do requires team work. As teams, each time we go out to clean houses we make sure we are in-synch with our teammates. Our goal is to give our very best to the clients we serve. This is where being responsible and hard worker separate Rejoice Maids from the pack. It is our core. It is the cord that binds us all. A simple but crucial job requirement.

Responsible- we are big on this. There are plenty of other places to work for but if you choose to work with us at Rejoice Maids we expect you to be responsible. Our definition of responsible employee is simple; fulfill your obligation, produce the best job you can deliver and show-up. No ifs no buts. We are not asking for the moon simply do the commitment we agreed upon hiring.

Hard worker- is someone that see’s the job as opportunity to shine. To be proud of the job well done. Cleaning is a very hard physical labor. We work smart and efficient to maximize the full productivity in the houses that we clean. There are no short cuts. To properly clean the toilets, showers or floors, elbow grease is necessary to complete these tasks. Therefore, to produce great result hard work is essential.

We believe in shared responsibilities. Our teams work together to achieve the goals that we set for all of us. We have no Superstar or Type-A employees. What we have are responsible and hard worker individuals who will always do their best to make Rejoice Maids your neighborhood best cleaning service.