Winter Sweaters

Winter Sweaters

I used to dislike wearing sweaters. The heaviness and bulk makes me feel trap inside something I cannot explain. In the Philippines its always sunny. Growing up my outfit consist of light t-shirts and cotton shorts nothing heavy. As I moved in the United Sates I have learned the four season weather. It was a big adjustment. Especially during winter. All other three season is easy. Winter on the other hand is a bit brutal in the beginning.

Fast forward, having live in Georgia for the past 19 years I have learned to adapt. I am not yet 100% converted into loving the winter, however through the years I become appreciative of winter and sweaters. Maybe I am getting older. But my appreciation for sweaters have increased exponentially. During winter I look forward to wearing my sweaters. I have many different colors and materials.

Now like everyone else I struggled to find ways to care and store my sweaters. In the winter it is being use but during the three other season sweaters are tuck away in different storage. And now that we are closer to Spring I have to find a place for my newly acquired sweaters. Yes, I did purchase more sweaters.

Having bought more sweaters gave me the chance to seriously think about my storage situation. In order for me to find a place for my new sweaters I have to get rid of the older ones or unwanted/no longer needed sweaters. House Cleaning is a bit extreme right now. But closet cleaning is manageable for now. Or more of a reduce closet content for now.

My partner when I am doing chores that is not very exciting is Adele. I crank-up her music and sing along with her. Yes, I get a little silly but it helped. It gives me the motivation to move. Collecting sweaters that look faded, worn-out, big or small depending on my current size and tossing them in the going away bag is a bit fun. After all there is no need to keep something that may fit again someday.

Categorizing sweaters based on materials and color is good. It will help with storage. I don’t have big closet. My husband and I share a decent size. So I improvised. Last Christmas in one of the groceries store I saw Christmas decoration storage. I bought it to see if I can use it to store my sweaters and if it fits under my shoe rack. I got lucky it fit. Its inexpensive and durable. I was able to fit ten light sweaters. For the bulky ones, I use medium size clear containers from Walmart.

All sweaters must be wash and fold before storing to retain its beauty for the next winter. Make sure it is not cramped, provide extra room for the materials to breath. After the closet sweater cleaning, if you are like me, frugal buyer, this is the best time of the year to buy new sweaters for the next winter. If you must, try not to buy sweaters that needs to be dry clean, choose sweaters that are washing machine washable.  Its more economical, convenient and environmentally safe.  Blue sweaterFor house cleaning Call Rejoice Maids, your neighborhood maid service!Clear Containerswater