Coffee Machines General Cleaning

Ideas to Clean and Maintain Coffee Maker like Keurig, Nespresso and all other coffee machine brand out there.

Before that I like to share some info from the National Coffee Association, one of the oldest trade industry in the U.S. about coffee consumption in the United States. According to their website the single -cup coffee brewer have risen 27% in 2015. Their organization have recorded and track the growth of single serve coffee machines in the United State since 2011.

In my opinion their data proves we drink lots of coffee. And single -cup makes it more convenient. But what is coffee? Why do we drink coffee? Let’s begin with the first question. Coffee is a roasted coffee bean from coffee plant that grows in rich soil with mild temperatures, frequent rain and shaded sun.  Coffee tree can grow to as high as 30 feet or more. Farmers prune the branches short to conserve energy and aid in harvest. The tree is covered with green waxy leaves that grows in pairs but in opposite direction.

It takes almost a year for cherry to mature and five years for farmers to harvest the fruit of their labor. A very long process of growing and cultivating to produce coffee. For us the consumer, we go to our favorite grocery store and buy them by the pound ready to brew or for some people, instant coffee.

Now why do we drink coffee? Answer varies on the person who drinks it. But for general purpose, we drink coffee to get us going. Simple answer.

With so many coffee makers to choose from high tech to just plain ordinary Mr. Coffee it is necessary to clean the machine to have a fresh coffee in the morning. So I will share the basic general cleaning of coffee makers.

First unplug the machine. You will have to plug it back later to use with de-scale process. Remove all parts that can be wash like the reservoir, tray, pot and all other removable parts. Wash the parts in running water with mild dishwashing detergent then rinse with warm water. Let air dry.

To clean the inside of Keurig needles and K-cup you will need to have a metal paper clip. The paper clip can be used to remove debris that might clog the holes. That is the entrance and exit point where the water flows through the coffee ground. This process can be utilized in most Keurig coffee pot. In addition to the paper clip if you have a handy vacuum attachment use it to clean the crevices where the coffee ground spills. Go to for more information on maintenance and proper care of the Keurig coffee machine brand. For Nespresso information visit…/manuals/C100_Zone1_EN.pdf.

For ordinary coffee pot an ounce of vinegar and 3 cups of water will do. Fill the reservoir and let drip without filter. Repeat the process with water only. To remove brown stain in the pot an ounce of vinegar mix with water will do the trick. Let soak for 5 minutes then rinse with warm water. Lastly use clean damp towel to clean the outside of the coffee machine.  Now you are ready to brew again. You can handle that but for tough house cleaning call us, Rejoice Maids. We specialized in house cleaning.