Hot Tea, House Cleaning

Hot Tea, House Cleaning

Cold weather. Time for soup and lots of hot tea. I drink mostly hot tea during winter. My body feels so much warmer and energize. Dealing with cold weather is an issue we all have to go through in the winter. To people like me this season takes a lot more energy. Mainly because when it’s cold I need more effort just to get out of bed.  Although through the years I have learned to deal with this weather in my own little way. It is still a drag. But please allow me to share Rejoice Maids winter tips.

Remember the basic principle of cold season. Always cover your head, neck and chest. It is the part of our body that is exposed most of the time but we don’t really pay much attention too.  Our head and neck loses body heat when unprotected. A simple hat and scarves will do.

Our body does not only need proper winter clothes. We also have to pay attention to the food and drinks we consume to stay warm. As I mentioned earlier, I like to drink hot tea. And during winter, my tea consumption doubles. I drink hot tea with skim milk with no sugar. This simple combination keeps me warm and alert during working hours.

My job is house cleaning. We maintain the cleanliness of almost three hundred homes. Monday to Friday I make sure our team players are ready. Our team consist of hard working married and brave single mothers. They cleaned homes all day and when they return to the office most of the time they are hungry and cold. During cold season, I make sure we stock-up with tea, milk, hot chocolate, hot water and always have soup available free for all team members.

House cleaning is very hard work. And someone has to do it. It is us, we have chosen this profession. Therefore, cold or warm weather does not make a difference to us. Our service has to be consistent. We have learned to deal with it. With plenty of hot tea and soup in the winter and pop sickles and cold water in the summer.      tea cupTeam with hat        Gemma's picture 1091